As Easy As…

Start with your leather brow band. Then just add your fillers as and when.


Have a look at our Portfolio for ideas. Have a look at the beads we use to get an idea of colour, texture and styles. View a selection of the beads you can use to create your bespoke collection.

The leather brow band is £15 all sizes.

Fillers start from £10.

Enquire and Buy

If you would like to design a bespoke filler please contact us, we will be pleased to help you design the browband you have always wanted. We are happy to work on a bespoke design either in person or online.

Don't make do - create the browband you want! You can with Infinity Bands!

Buy more Inserts

Change your look for every discipline/class/show - no need to buy a new band each time, just change the insert.

Using our simple system, fillers are quick and easy to change.

Start with your leather brow band - all sizes £15. Then add your fillers.

Collectors Card

Buy a leather brow band (all sizes from £15) and a filler (from £10). Just buy more fillers (from £10) as and when you decide to change your look - no need to buy a brow band you already have one. Get a free bonus filler with every completed Collectors Card.

Collectors Card

Don't stick with one browband, have an INFINITY of them! Collect a Stamp each time you purchase a filler and once your card has six stamps you'll be able to claim a FREE BONUS FILLER!