African Beaded

Our newest range

We particulary like these because they are hand crafted by the Masia woman which earns money for both their families and tribes.

To check the size your dog requires measure their current collar, send us the size and we'll ensure we send you the correct fit.

Prices start from £15 (plus p&p).

African Bead 1Rainbow
African Bead 4Blue and Pink
Black and WhiteBlack and White
Blue and PinkBlue and Pink
Red White and BlueRed White and Blue
Greyhound Black and WhiteGreyhounds and Whippets Black and White
Greyhound Red, White and BlueGreyhounds and Whippets Red, White and Blue
Greyhound Blue and PinkGreyhounds and Whippets Blue and Pink
Greyhound Black and GoldGreyhounds and Whippets Gold
Greyhound RainbowGreyhounds and Whippets Rainbow